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Gold Medal & Flower Award Winner

'Profusion White' captured the AAS Gold Medal as a breeding breakthrough due to the ease of growing and length of the flowering season. This is the only white Zinnia with 2˝-inch single daisy-like flowers and proven disease resistance. The plant resists powdery mildew allowing 'Profusion White' to flower profusely in the fall when other zinnias deteriorate from mildew. 'Profusion White' plants fill flowerbeds, spreading 12-24 inches in a full sun garden. No pinching or pruning is needed. 'Profusion White' plants are capable of producing a masterful display of white blooms from early spring through fall with minimal "hands on" garden care.

AAS Bedding Plant Award Winner
'Margarita Rosita' looks different from other portulaca as a young plant. It has a compact mounded habit and looks like a rock garden or alpine plant. Large 1˝-inch semi-double rose flowers adorn the small 3 to 4 inch fleshy leaved plants. 'Margarita Rosita' needs a sunny garden spot or patio container to reach its mature spreading plant habit of about 12 to 14 inches. Heat and drought tolerant, 'Margarita Rosita' will flower continuously for months if given minimal garden care. Easy-to-grow, 'Margarita Rosita' will thrive in any container size including unglazed terra cotta, which tends to dry soil quickly.

AAS Bedding Plant Award Winner
'Forever Blue' will provide gardeners their favorite blue color throughout the gardening season. The large 2˝-inch single blue flowers decorate the vigorous plants. 'Forever Blue' plants have a distinct branching habit, benefiting the gardener with more blooms and a dense plant. This trait has been submitted for a utility patent. 'Forever Blue' plants will reach 12 inches when mature, in a full sun garden. Proven to be heat tolerant, 'Forever Blue' plants will benefit from deadheading like all other eustoma (lisianthus). These well-groomed, attractive 'Forever Blue' plants are perfectly adaptable to patio containers.

AAS Bedding Plant Award Winner
'Avalon Bright Pink' is an improved dwarf nicotiana that provides multitudes of star-shaped blooms throughout the growing season. The color is an unusual shade of bright pastel pink, visible from quite a distance. The heat tolerant plants will reach a mature height of 10 inches and spread 10 to 12 inches. 'Avalon Bright Pink' is maintenance free, no deadheading is required. 'Avalon Bright Pink' proved it's superior garden performance in AAS trials across North America. Easy-to-grow, 'Avalon Bright Pink' is widely adaptable to annual or perennial border plantings as well as patio container culture.

AAS Flower Award Winner
'Ring of Fire' is a five-inch sunflower having golden petal edges and a ring of red surrounding the chocolate brown center. Decidedly different from other sunflowers, 'Ring of Fire' stands out in a crowd of plain gold or yellow flowers. Later to bloom, 'Ring of Fire' may require 120 days to show bicolor blooms but this late season display is often what the garden needs for a fresh new look. Needing a full sun garden, 'Ring of Fire' plants may reach 4 to 5 feet tall, spreading 2 to 3 feet. The long flower stems are perfect for cut flowers. If not cut, flowers may produce seed for wildlife, another benefit to grow 'Ring of Fire.'

AAS Vegetable Award Winner
'Honey Select' has proven its delicious sweet honey flavor and tender eating quality in trials across North America. The only reason to grow your own sweet corn is flavor and 'Honey Select' has flavor and ease of growing. A TripleSweet™ variety, 'Honey Select' ears are 75% sugary enhanced (se) and 25% supersweet (sh2) kernels. Unlike other supersweet types, 'Honey Select' does not require isolation from other corn pollen. Maturing in about 79 days, gardeners will find yellow 'Honey Select' ears about 8 inches long. Mature ears can be harvested over a longer time without loss of eating quality.

AAS Vegetable Award Winner
'Jolly' is a delicious, new pink tomato. The vigorous indeterminate vines produce abundant clusters of 1˝ ounce peach shaped fruit. Gardeners can expect 9 to 14 tomatoes per cluster. 'Jolly' plants yield ripe fruit in about 70-75 days from transplanting. 'Jolly' will produce the highest quality tomatoes if vines are pruned and tied to verticle support. 'Jolly' plants are easy-to-grow offering meaty, sweet pink tomatoes fresh from your garden.

AAS Vegetable Award Winner
'Giant Marconi' is an improved Italian grilling pepper. About 6 to 8 inches long, the tapered green pepper will mature to red on the 30-inch plant. 'Giant Marconi' tastes excellent raw but is best when grilled. It has a memorable sweet, smoky flavor. 'Giant Marconi' was judged best in its class for earliness, yield, pepper size and flavor. Plants are resistant to Potato Virus Y and Tobacco Mosaic Virus, which means the plants tend to live longer for an improved yield. Green peppers can be harvested in about 72 days from transplanting.

AAS Vegetable Award Winner
'Super Star' is an improved white sweet onion recommended for all spring gardens in North America because it is day length neutral. Most onions require long days - (over 12 hours of sunlight) or short days to bulb. 'Super Star' does not have this requirement so it is widely adaptable. If seed is sown and transplanted early, 'Super Star' onions can weigh one pound or more, when mature in about 100 days. Resistant to pink root, 'Super Star' onions are exceptional when eaten raw, in salads or sandwiches. 'Super Star' is milder, sweeter and larger than 'White Sweet Spanish' the closest comparison.

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