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Basil “Magical Michael”
AAS Vegetable Award Winner

An ornamental, edible sweet basil with a clearly refined plant size and shape, 'Magical Michael' plants are uniform and reliably 15 inches tall and 16-17 inches wide. This uniformity is rare in sweet basil plants. The lush aromatic, green leaves can be harvested within 30 days of transplanting and are rich in essential oils for cooking. Plants may flower when mature in about 80 to 90 days from seed. The small flowers are a curiosity since the calices are purple and corollas white. They are attractive for use as a garnish, adding color to any salad.

Ornamental Pepper F1 “Chilly Chili”
AAS Flower Award Winner
The first family-friendly ornamental pepper with exceptional garden performance. 'Chilly Chili,' as the name implies, has non-pungent fruit. The "heat" was bred out of the peppers, which is perfect for households with children who like to explore their environment. The fruit changes color from yellow to orange and matures at red. Extremely heat tolerant, 'Chilly Chili' will provide garden color during southern summers. Pepper plants can grow about a foot tall and spread 6-10 inches. The petite 2 inch peppers can be used as clever ornamental garnishes on salads or with ethnic entrees.

Cleome F1 “Sparkler Blush”
AAS Flower Award Winner
'Sparkler Blush' flowers freely all season. The plants are covered with pink flowers and are more refined, reaching only 3 feet tall and wide. This smaller size allows gardeners to grow this old fashioned annual in gardens with less space and not overwhelm the design. 'Sparkler Blush' is easy-to-grow, needing only sun and nutrients in the soil. Heat and drought tolerant, 'Sparkler Blush' is a carefree plant. Adaptable to most soil types and growing conditions, 'Sparkler Blush' is the first hybrid cleome, which is evident in the freedom of bloom.

Cucumber “Diva”
AAS Vegetable Award Winner
Sweet flavor and high yield describe the improved qualities of 'Diva.' The fruit will be sweet, non-bitter with a crisp texture when harvested at 4 to 5 inches. Normally seedless, a few seeds may grow if pollinated by other cuke plants. 'Diva' produces all female flowers and does not require pollen to set fruit. These traits result in high yields. Expect mature cukes in about 58 days from sowing seed in warm soil. Plants are resistant to scab and tolerant to powdery and downy mildews. 'Diva' is the only slicing cucumber you need to grow in your garden.

Geranium F1 “Black Magic Rose”
AAS Bedding Plant Award Winner
'The unusual bicolor leaf pattern distinguishes 'Black Magic Rose' from all other hybrid geraniums. Each leaf has a black center with a green leaf edge. The exceptionally dark foliage contrasts with the bright rose florets and each floret has a small white eye. 'Black Magic Rose' proved to be heat tolerant, flowering freely throughout the growing season. A strong plant, 'Black Magic Rose' can be 10-14 inches tall and spread 14 to 18 inches depending upon available nutrients and water. Best performance will occur in full sun. 'Black Magic Rose' is perfect for container culture.

Pansy F1 “Ultima Morpho”
AAS Flower Award Winner
This AAS Winner has a distinct bicolor design. The upper petals are mid-blue with bright lemon yellow lower petals and rays or whiskers radiate from the center. 'Ultima Morpho' is named after the Morpho butterfly, which is blue and yellow. A slight variation may occur in the pastel design but this adds to the variety appeal. Recommended for spring or fall gardens, 'Ultima Morpho' proved to be free flowering all season. Mature plants can spread 8 to 10 inches and attain a height of 5 to 8 inches. Excellent performance in containers; maintain adequate moisture levels.

Petunia F1 “Lavendar Wave”
AAS Flower Award Winner
'Lavender Wave' earned its AAS Award with a trailing, ground cover habit and exceptional garden performance similar to the famous 'Purple Wave.' In a full sun location, 'Lavender Wave' can trail 3 to 4 feet and attain a height of 4 to 6 inches. Because of weather tolerance and botrytis resistance, plants can be expected to flower for the entire growing season. No pinching or pruning of plants is required, only nutrients in soil and water. Plants are particularly suited for hanging baskets, window boxes, and terraced or sloping gardens.

Petunia F1 “Tidal Wave Silver”
AAS Flower Award Winner
Sporting silvery white blooms with dark purple centers, 'Tidal Wave Silver' is distinct. Unlike other petunias, gardeners can decide the height of the mature plant. 'Tidal Wave Silver' can attain heights of 2 to 3 feet if spaced closely together, about 6 inches, and given support such as a trellis. If plants are spaced a foot apart, the mounded, hedge-like plants will reach 16 to 22 inches. Neither pinching nor pruning is needed for flowers all season. Exhibiting excellent botrytis resistance and rapid recovery in severe weather, 'Tidal Wave Silver' is also adaptable to container culture.

Pumpkin F1 “Orange Smoothie”
AAS Vegetable Award Winner
Children will be infatuated with 'Orange Smoothie' pumpkins. The dark orange, smooth skin is ideal for painting Halloween faces. The size is desirable for young hands, weighing 5 to 8 pounds with a strong, long handle. 'Orange Smoothie' pumpkins will mature early, in about 90 days from sowing seed. Another benefit is the semi-determinate habit requiring less space in the garden. Easy-to-grow from seed or started plants, 'Orange Smoothie' is an all-around great pumpkin for carving, painting, decorating and even the meat is sweet for homemade pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin F1 “Sorcerer”
AAS Vegetable Award Winner
'Sorcerer' is a full sized pumpkin, weighing 15 to 22 pounds but produced on a compact vine reaching only 10 feet. The dark orange pumpkins are a deep round shape sporting strong, long handles. 'Sorcerer' pumpkins will mature in about 100 days from sowing seed. Good crown set can be expected with overall high yielding plants. 'Sorcerer' can be grown using normal pumpkin culture. Pumpkins can be carved, painted or used for pie filling.

Rudbeckia “Cherokee Sunset”
AAS Flower Award Winner
This Rudbeckia hirta contains a blend of sunset colors; yellow, orange, bronze, mahogany and shades of these colors. The 3 to 4-1/2 inch flowers are double or semi-double and long lasting as cut flowers. Best when grown in the full sun, 'Cherokee Sunset' plants are about 24 to 30 inches tall, spreading about a foot. Many plants are self-supporting and others may need staking. 'Cherokee Sunset' offers gardeners a blend of autumn colors and late season garden performance. Flowering profusely the first year, 'Cherokee Sunset' may over-winter in northern gardens.

Vinca “Jaio Scarlet Eye”
AAS Bedding Plant Award Winner
Vinca or catharanthus roseus 'Jaio Scarlet Eye' is a distinct rose-scarlet flower color with a small white eye. There is no other vinca with this flower color. The two-inch, non-fading blooms cover the handsome one-foot tall plants. Tested across North America, 'Jaio Scarlet Eye' proved to be heat and drought tolerant. This improved vinca is perfect for gardeners who want season long garden color with minimal garden care. Easy-to-grow in a full sun garden or in patio containers.

Winter Squash “Cornell’s Bush Delicata”
If you have never eaten a Delicata squash, this is the one to grow to eat. The orange flesh color indicates it is rich in Vitamin A. The sweet flesh is fine textured without coarse strings. Butter and brown sugar are optional when eating 'Cornell's Bush Delicata' squash because it is so sweet. The squash have a long shelf life, meaning you can enjoy eating the squash into the winter months. About 100 days from sowing to harvest, the tolerance to powdery mildew will increase overall yield. The compact habit requires less garden space. The mature bush will send out 4 to 6 foot runners later in the season.

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