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New Varieties For 2002: Part 1

Gardeners are looking for new plants every year. Here are new flowers and vegetables that will be featured in 2002 mail order seed catalogs, seed packets or as bedding plants at garden centers. The varieties are listed alphabetically by class, with the seed source listed in parentheses after the description. The designation "R" means a retail seed company from which gardeners may purchase seed directly by mail order or also in stores that carry the variety in seed packets. A "W" designation indicates a wholesale seed company which does not sell directly to home gardeners, but these varieties should be available in catalogs or as bedding plants at garden centers next spring.


Abutilon F1 'Bella Red' - Exceptionally floriferous and compact delivering great branching. Perfect for in garden containers or as an indoor houseplant. Also new: Coral, Apricot Shades, and Salmon Shades. (PanAmerican) W

Ageratum 'Leilani Blue' - The 14-16 inch height and clusters of blue flowers stand out, creating a soft pillow of blue for the background of your garden bed or centerpiece for your container. Full sun or partial shade. (Goldsmith) W

Alonsoa 'Rebel' (Mask Flower) - Herbaceous annual with bright scarlet asymmetrical flowers on reddish, four-angled 15-19 inch stems. Ideal for direct sowing. (Kieft) W

Aquilegia F1 'Spring Magic Mix' - This beautiful new mid height 14 inch Aquilegia is very uniform and well branched. Prolific bloomer with colorful 2-inch flowers and beautiful rounded plant habit. New series of 5 colors. (Benary) W

Asclepias 'Garden Leader Scarlet' - Only clean rubbed seed from very vigorous and large flowered plants go into this series. Prefers a warm, sunny, well-drained location. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Cut flower or patio plant. (Grimes) W

Begonia F1 'Dragon Wing™ Pink' - Outstanding heat tolerance and lush growth. Exceptional branching, vigor and flower power. Large pendulous flowers combine with glossy green leaves in a showy display. (PanAmerican) W

Begonia F1 'Fortune Golden Shades' - Uniformity, a well-branched, compact habit and its prolific blooming make Fortune the choice tuberous begonia. Series of 12 colors plus a mix including new Apricot-Orange. (Dæhnfeldt) W

Begonia F1 'Queen Pink' - The first seed-produced double flowering begonia series having consistently double blooms. Rose-like flowers are fully double. Performs well in all weather extremes with superior vigor and spreading habit in the garden and hanging baskets. (Dæhnfeldt) W

California Poppy 'Milkmaid' - Pretty creamy-white, fluted blooms and 'ferny' blue-green foliage. Easy to grow, they are delightful in the border or used in tubs and window boxes. This dainty annual will reach 8-10 inches in height. (Mr. Fothergill's Seeds Ltd) R

Canna 'Tropical Salmon' - The Tropical series is grown from seed and are extra dwarf, growing only 24-30 inches. Expect flowers 85-120 days after sowing in spring. Excellent for the garden and in pots. (American Takii) W

Cuphea 'Summer Medley' - An unusual addition to pots and tubs, these weather tolerant plants produce masses of flowers in an attractive array of pretty colors, from pale pink to scarlet with shades in between. Equally stunning in beds and borders. (Mr. Fothergill's Seeds Ltd) R

Delphinium 'Sky Lights Mix' - Compact bushy plants, covered with large spurred flowers. Well-balanced mixture of Deep Blue, Light Blue and White. First year flowering perennial, spectacular in the second and later seasons for its flower abundance. (Kieft) W

Dianthus 'Heritage White' - Extra early bedding plant, knee-high cut flower, excellent garden performance. Does not require low temperatures to initiate flowers. Heritage series has 3 additional colors. (American Takii) W

Gazania 'Gazoo Clear Vanilla' - Gazoos offer extra-large flowers and unique, non-striped colors. Extra-large blooms and vigorous plant habit are ideal for landscape use or larger containers. New series of 6 colors and a mix. (Syngenta) W

Gazania 'Kiss Mix' - Large 4 inch brightly colored daisy flowers bloom atop a mounded controlled plant habit. Tender perennials ideal for containers, garden beds, borders, or ground cover. New seven colors and mix. (Goldsmith) W

Gazania rigens 'Talent Orange' - Large 3 inch flowers against a background of striking silver foliage. Use in bedding, containers, and especially in combination planters. Height 8 inches. Series offers 3 new colors. (Benary) W

Geranium 'Ringo 2000 Coral' - Bright salmon-orange with deep green foliage. The earliest-flowering series on the market that still offers exceptional garden performance. Ringo Series includes 13 separate colors. (Syngenta) W

Gerbera F1 'Festival Neon Rose with Eye' - Uniform plant habit and outstanding flower count. Festival series is offered in light-eyed, dark-eyed, semi-double, spider and mini varieties, superior selection of colors and mixes. Also new Cherry w/Eye, Peach w/Eye (Dæhnfeldt) W

Impatiens 'Dazzler Blue Pearl' - Compact, uniform habit generates masses of 1.5 inch rich bluish-lilac blooms on rich green foliage. Thrives in landscapes and pots. All 22 color choices in series are well matched, coming into bloom together and flowering freely until frost. (Ball Seed) W

Impatiens F1 'Fanciful Tropical Mix' - All-new Fanciful series offers many bright, multi-petaled blooms. Terrific in mixed containers and in the garden. 10-12 inches tall and 14-16 inches across. Excellent branching and uniform habit. Colors: Coral, Orchid Rose, Red, and Salmon (Ball Seed) W

Impatiens 'Garden Leader Sun & Shade Lipstick' - 'Lipstick' is new for 2002, a new Sun & Shade addition - the most complete series available: 35 colors plus 12 designer mixes. Every variety and mixture is garden tested for superior outdoor performance. (Grimes) W

Impatiens F1 'Tempo®Cinnamon' - Hot red color on compact plant habit. Tempo's still boast the largest flower. The series includes 29 colors and 8 mixes. Tempos continue to win over followers because of their excellent germination and improved compact plant habit. (Bodger) W

Lobelia 'Aqua Lavender' - New species for Takii. Nice compact plant habit. Stays as low as 4-6 inches in height. Excellent pot variety. Series also includes Blue w/Eye, Sky Blue and Violet. (American Takii) W

Pansy F1 'Happy Face Purple Smile' - The 'Happy Face' series has been dramatically improved for flowering under short days, while maintaining a fuller plant habit. Flower stems have been shortened. Garden height 4-6 inches. (Bodger) W

Pansy F1 'Ultima Scarlet & Yellow' - Deep scarlet upper petal and golden yellow lower petal with a deep scarlet ray. This unique color combination will brighten gardens planted to flower this fall or spring. (Sakata) W

Penstemon 'Dwarf Navigator' - One of the hardiest Penstemons available! Prominent spikes of trumpet flowers rise above the low mound of green foliage. Ideal for borders, wildflower gardens attracting hummingbirds. (McKenzie) R


Bean, Bush 'Yin Yang' - Traditionally used in Latin American dishes and stews. This delicious and wonderfully colored vivid black and white variety is best used as a 'shell' or 'dried' bean, but can be eaten green when very young. (Mr. Fothergill's Seeds Ltd.) R

Bean, Pole 'Helda' - This 58 day climbing bean produces over a long period, and yields more in less space when allowed to climb on a teepee or fence. A great yielder of big, 9 inch long flat-sided Romano pods that have absolutely wonderful flavor. (Seminis) W

Lettuce 'Hyper Red Rumple' - 45-55 days. The deeply savoyed leaves on this loose-leaf variety exhibit a wonderful, plum-colored, blistery appearance. Plant tends to spread to 12 inches while only reaching a height of 5-6 inches. A truly unique addition to any salad. (Territorial) R

Lettuce 'Red Iceberg' - 70-80 days. A crisphead lettuce with leaves that appear to dance away from the 4-6 inch tight heads. Slightly ruffled, green leaves give way to a burgundy outer edge creating a kaleidoscope of color. Very nice, mild flavor (Territorial) R

Lettuce 'Sunset' - 60 days. Loose-leaf variety with 10-11 inch heads. Outer leaves flow from a rich burgundy color at the top to dark olive green near the base. Extremely frilled leaves meet at a vivid chartreuse center to create a visual delight. (Territorial) R

Mesclun 'Italian Misticanza' - We love this authentic regional salad mix from Italy. This full flavored blend features tangy traditional cutting chicories combined with crispy little endives, balanced by tender, colorful leaf lettuces. Ready to enjoy in just 6 weeks. (Renee's Garden) R

Pea 'Garden Sweet' - First ever super sweet garden pea. Starts sweet and stays sweet. Each 3 - 3.5 inch pod holds 9-10 flavorful peas. When trellised, grows to 4 feet tall. Resistance to powdery mildew. (Burpee) R

Pea, Sugar Snap 'Sugar Star' - An improved version of the original stringless sugar snap pea, Sugar Daddy. In company trials, Sugar Star has provided great tasting pods, harvesting one to two days earlier than Sugar Daddy. An excellent garden addition for flavorful recipes. (Syngenta) W

Pepper F1 'Super Heavyweight' - The biggest, heaviest, thickest - walled, sweetest bell pepper you'll have ever seen - a real knockout. Perfect for fair competitions, Farmers markets, giant stuffed peppers and for attempting world records. Fruits turn gold when mature. 77 days. (Seminis) W

Radish 'Red Fortress' - The bright red, globe shaped roots have a crisp white flesh with little or no pithiness. Vigorous plants produce excellent yields of uniform, high quality radishes in 25 days. Highly tolerant to North American Root Disease Complex. (Harris) R

Disease Resistance Codes
ASC=Alternaria Stem Canker
St=Gray Leaf Spot
F1=Fusarium race 1
V1=Verticillium race 1

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