David Daehnke, The Gardening Guru

Mahwah, NJ 07430

The Gardening Guru's Lecture Topics

The Gardening Guru can lecture to your garden club / civic organization / trade association on a variety of horticultural subjects such as:

“Ornamental Grasses: Adding Sound and Motion to your Garden”

Ornamental grasses may seem to be the new craze, but actually they have been used in gardens for over 100 years. Learn how to incorporate them into your garden, their best uses and best new cultivars available on the market today. (Lecture and slideshow 80+ slides)

“Landscaping WITH Nature: How to Animal Proof your Garden”

As our wooded areas fill with new housing developments, our main concern in landscaping our houses now focuses on what not to plant instead of what will satisfy the homeowner. Learn how to protect your property from deer, raccoons, woodchucks and other devastating animals while continuing to grow what YOU want to. (Lecture, product display)

“Landscaping the Natural Way: How to incorporate native species into your design”

Today’s landscaping is focused on color and boldness. All too often we fall into this trap and purchase plants that may not be hardy, need more attention, or can be invasive. This lecture focuses on what native plants are available to us and shows that natives can be just as attractive as a non-native. (Lecture/slideshow)

“Scented Geraniums”

Scented geraniums have been around the gardening world since Victorian times, but they seem to be a forgotten favorite. Come re-experience the fragrances, foliage and even leave the lecture with a cutting of your own. (Lecture/demonstration)

“Organic Lawn Care: Getting Back to Basics”

This lecture teaches you that more may not always be better. Learn how to properly fertilize your lawn, conquer weeds and insects, and still have a green lawn that will be the envy of your neighbors. (Lecture)

“Pruning Made Simple”

Sometimes landscape techniques can become over complicated, confusing even the most experienced gardener. This lecture will inform you of the basics of pruning, including the how’s, when’s, and why’s and show you the proper tools you need. (Lecture)

"Edible Landscaping: The Best of Both Worlds"

In today's gardens, we tend to separate our vegetable gardens from our landscape gardens -- WHY? In this lecture we will examine how to incorporate food-bearing plants back into our existing landscapes to make them not only beautiful, but also useful. We will also examine what plants are perfect for each situation, and when you leave, you will have plenty of ideas to incorporate into your own gardens. (Lecture, slides)

***New*** “Open Gardening Forum”

This lecture is a question and answer program, where the participants bring their gardening problems to be answered by “The Gardening Guru”. A great problem-solving lecture for the novice and experienced gardeners, this program has been used by gardening clubs and civic organization to invite members of the community to their meeting. Before the lecture begins, the garden club/organization can explain what they do in and for the community as well as solicit for new members. A press release for the program is suggested at least one month in advance for maximum exposure. (Lecture)

The Gardening Guru has a fun and entertaining style as well as a common sense approach to most gardening problems and frustrations. David has been lecturing for over ten years and his experience shows. Please contact The Gardening Guru for more information concerning pricing and availability at at gardeningguru@juno.com . Please allow at least six months advance notice for scheduling.

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