David Daehnke, The Gardening Guru

Mahwah, NJ 07430

The 2002 All American Daylily Winners


· Earliest Blooming Variety
· Delicate 12-20" Foliage
· Blooms at 17-28" in Height
· 85-275 Days of Bloom
· Tolerates Extreme Heat and Cold
· Fast Increaser

This 2002 Winner in the 'Landscape' category is one of the longest blooming varieties we've encountered in 12 years of testing. Its tiny 2" lemon yellow blossoms appear very early in the season above 12-20" slender, grassy foliage. Equally at home in Minneapolis or Miami, Bitsy blooms so long that many will want to plant it in color beads. With its graceful delicate foliage and slender bloom scapes moving in the breeze, Bitsy looks great with ornamental grasses. When combined with spring bulbs, it bursts into bloom just as they finish while its vigorous growth helps hide the spent bulb foliage. You'll be charmed by its petite personality and sold by its powerful performance. Hardy USDA Zones 4-11.


· 5" Pink Blooms with Darker Pink Eyezone
· Up to 50 Blooms per Well-Branched Scape
· Blooms at 22-32" in Height
· 40-150 Days of Bloom
· Vigorous Foliage; 16-24" Tall
· Heat Tolerant; Cold Hardy

A profusion of glowing pink blossoms are displayed on this All-American winner in the 'Exhibition' category. This large, vigorous variety holds its own towards the the back of the perennial bed or among roses. When featured as an accent near a pathway or porch, its lush foliage, intriguing color and profusion of blooms can be fully appreciated. Gardeners should know that pink is a variable color in daylilies. Soil moisture,pH, and fertility, as well as nocturnal temperatures and humidity ca cause the blooms to range from pale pastel pink to rich salmon pink, Whatever the color shade, a blooming clump of this aristocratic beauty is always a trophy in your garden. Hardy USDA Zones 4-11.


· Blooms at Uniform Height of 20-26"
· 14-20" Blue-Green Foliage with Tidy Habit
· 45-175 Days of Bloom
· 6" Clear Orange, Lightly Fragrant Blooms
· Heat & Salt Tolerant
· Double Winner: Landscape & Exhibition

This bright, clear orange beauty is one of the rare daylilies exhibiting such balanced performance that it wins in both the 'Landscape' and 'Exhibition' Categories. With its handsome, uniform foliage and profusion of blooms, Leebea Orange Crush is stunning in a mass planting. Up close, one notices a darker orange eyezone on the slightly ruffled orange blooms. Also obvious is the blue-green cast to its lush foliage, which make this plant a winner, even out of bloom. Whether brightening up a commercial landscape or accenting your home garden, this daylily commands the viewer's attention. Spring planting and mulch cover the first winter after planting is advised in USDA Zones 4-6. Hardy USDA Zones 5-11.

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