The Gardening Guru, Landscape Consultant


The Gardening Guru, Landscape Consultant has over twenty years experience in the design/build industry. It was our disgust for the cookie-cutter designs that were being installed in landscapes (even though they generate a quick profit for the installer) that we decided to carve our niche in the industry. WE ARE DIFFERENT! One of the most important parts of our initial consultations is finding out what you, the homeowner, like to see in your landscape. If we can incorporate plant material that you have an interest in, that means you will spend more time in your garden, enjoying what we have created TOGETHER. We use only all natural solutions to any problems that may occur on your property, with you and your family's safety our main concern. Gives us a try today! You can contact us by email at We are always out helping customers, and we have found the internet a friendly, easier way to keep in touch with our customers. We have email access at all times, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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