The Gardening Guru, Landscape Consultant is here to help you with all of your landscaping needs. We are not a full sized landscaping company, but what we are is the friendly, helpful people who can give you the right advice and head you in the right direction. Most people don't mind gardening - in fact, it is the number one hobby in America. The problem arises when you try to something that you are not an expert in and things go wrong. I have been shocked enough from electrical connections and wiring to know better and call an electrician. Well, we work in the same manner. Our main purpose is to get you out in your garden, work side-by-side with us and learn from us, and understand basic and complex landscape design techniques. The amount of work we accomplish together is up to you. We are here to help!

The Gardening Guru, Landscape Consultant has over 20 years of experience in the landscaping field, along with a Bachelor Degree in horticulture. Wouldn't you like to pick up a book and say "I have a problem with my azalea" and the answer comes instantaneously instead hours of searching? And that is if you have the book on hand! Even better, we don't try to sell you a product. We just give you the advice you need and several companies to purchase the materials you need.

We are knowledgeable, courteous, and will to lend you a hand! Our business is located in the Northern New Jersey area, but we have been known to travel distances to help troubled gardeners out.

Send us an e-mail and let us help you today!

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