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Horticultural Equipment

The Circle Hoe

“Get the weeds, not the plants,” says inventor Ralph Henningsen.

If you have ever been frustrated because you accidentally removed a plant when cultivating the soil around it, you are not alone! There has been numerous times in my own vegetable garden that I have used a hoe or three-prong cultivator to remove the weeds from around the plant, and instead have removed the plant I am trying to grow. And you all know that once you have ripped the plant out, it is never the same. It just never catches up to the others, and never produces as abundantly. Sometimes it can seem the only way to weed safely is on your hands and knees, using the cultivator God has given each of us (the five-pronged type that is). Finally someone has come up with a solution, and from my practical use of the product, I can assure you that you will fall in love with the CircleHoe and wonder why no one has thought of this sooner.

When I first saw this tool, I thought that it was may have been too small to do an adequate job, but I was wrong. The unique oval-shaped design allows you to do precision work, including weeding and cultivating, very close to the plants without fear of hurting them. This is a specialty tool of sorts, for those tight spaces. I also found out that in the larger, more open spaces, this tool makes quick work in clearing those areas where we do not have to be so finicky. The other interesting use for the CircleHoe is to remove any grass or weeds that may be encroaching on your landscape beds. A simple drag down the edge of your bed easily cuts through those weeds that we spend hours removing on bended knee, or by spraying those nasty chemicals on.

The CircleHoe is a well made gardening tool, designed for years of duty. The blade is made of high quality, carbon steel alloy, and can stand up to abuse (trust me, this tool went through a lot of punishment on my property, and still is in good condition). It also comes in three handle lengths (10” mini-hoe, 18” hand hoe, and the 59” standard hoe), so you will be able to find the length you are most comfortable in using. Prices range from $12 for the mini hoe to $30 for the standard hoe, which is inexpensive these days for a quality tool.

You can order your CircleHoe online at www.circlehoe.com and they accept Visa, Mastercard, checks and money orders. And best of all, they offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. The only problem is now I have to find someone to give my old hoes and cultivators to!

Until next month, please remember to read your manufacturer's instruction manual and pay attention to the warnings that are listed. As always, wear protective clothing, eyewear and hearing protection whenever using any equipment for your personal safety.