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An estimated 30 million Americans, including elderly people and children, go to bed hungry each night or not knowing when their next meal will be. The Garden Writers Association of America started this program in 1995, and has attracted literally tons of fresh home garden produce to the food banks of national food collecting agencies such as Second Harvest and Foodchain, and to local soup kitchens and church charities. The goal is to get gardeners to donate fresh vegetables and fruit to food banks and charities in their communities.

A MILLION POUNDS FOR THE MILLENIUM was the goal -- and it was achieved through your efforts!.

We as gardeners share our knowledge, seeds, plants and the like with our gardening neighbors - now it is time for us to share our harvests with others who need our talents at gardening. Most gardeners harvest more than they consume, so here's your chance to help local food banks. The best thing you can do is team up with local gardeners you know for one big contribution. If you are not sure where to donate your excess fruits and vegetables, you can call "Second Harvest" at (206) 545-666 and they will refer you to a qualified relief organization. If you think that you can't make a difference, here are a couple "success" stories to encourage you to make a difference now!

Despite El Nino, Joan Jackson reports from the West Coast that they raised 65,000 pounds last year!

Tisa Overman's group in Milwaukee raised 6,000 pounds in 1997 -- their first season. In 1998 their produce weighed 20,000 pounds!

Denny Schrock, Rick Werner and Master Gardeners in Missouri raised between 20,000 and 25,000 in 1997, and went for 50,000 in 1998!

In 1998 the GWAA had active Plant A Row for the Hungry networks in more than half the United States and in 2 Canadian provinces. It is now up to you!

For more information, contact Jacqui Heriteau at;, or check out the GWAA Plant A Row web page at;

THANKS FOR YOUR ANTICIPATED HELP! Please e-mail me with your success stories and I will add them to this page.

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