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The horticultural help you have been looking for is here just for the asking.  I am the Gardening Guru, here to answer your most perplexing gardening questions, and to teach you how fun and enjoyable gardening can be!  I have numerous years of experience in the horticulture field, from owning my own landscaping company, to wholesale/retail/distributor general manager of a landscape supply company, to Landscape Supervisor of an 81 acre county park, to finally Executive Director of the Reeves-Reed Arboretum in Summit, New Jersey.  I can be heard on WGHT 1500 AM, broadcasting from Wayne, New Jersey, on my weekly radio show.  I have a wealth of information to share, just ask the question.  All my life I have tried to give back as much as I have learned to others, and the web is making my giving on a slightly larger scale.  If you like this page, tell a friend and share a good thing.  Also sign up for my monthly newsletter with tips and tricks to get you through the gardening year.

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Take a look at my Book Review page, listed below.  If the book interests you, send an email to with "Book Contest" in the subject line and your name and address in the body, and you will be entered to win the review copy of that book for free.  It is my way of saying thank you for visiting The Gardening Guru's Site.  It is free to enter, free to win, so why not give it a try?  This month's book, "The Evening Garden" by Peter Loewer, is courtesy of Timber Press.  Congratulations to the past winner, Joan from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who won "Garden Gifts" by Gill Dickinson.  I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!


If you have any interesting gardening tips that you would like to share, e-mail them to .  I am in the process of creating a web page full of your tips and tricks to help out another gardener in need.  Thanks for your help and suggestions -- keep'em coming!

David Daehnke,

AKA The Gardening Guru

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