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New Varieties For 2003


Gardeners are looking for new plants every year. Here are new flowers and vegetables that will be featured in 2003 mail order seed catalogs, seed packets or as bedding plants at garden centers. The varieties are listed alphabetically by class, with the seed source listed in parentheses after the description. The designation “R” means a retail seed company from which gardeners may purchase seed directly by mail order or also in stores that carry the variety in seed packets. A “W” designation indicates a wholesale seed company which does not sell directly to home gardeners, but these varieties should be available in catalogs or as bedding plants at garden centers next spring.



Begonia 'Fortune Orange Shades' * This variety provides a range of color from dark, deep red-orange to a mid-range orange variegated with creamy white. The unique color is supported by the strength of the 'Fortune' series uniform compact habit and short flower stems for a most durable habit. (Daehnfeldt) W

Calendula 'Daisy Formula Mix' * The 'Daisy' series represents dwarf, well-branched calendulas, popular because of their durability and easy cultivation. The lovely single flowers are 1.5 to 2 inches across. (K. Sahin, Zaden B.V.) W

Campanula 'Bellringers' * Unusual large pendulous flowers with eye-catching maroon spotted interior in a mix ranging from white to purple-red. Flowers from early summer till early autumn. Fully hardy, semi shade-full sun perennial [Zones 5-9]. (Kieft) W

Canna 'Tropical Yellow' * This is a dwarf canna from seed. Height 24-30 inches. Seed to flower is 90-120 days. The 'Tropical' series is naturally branching making them promising in the garden and in pots. Colors available: Red, Rose, Salmon and Yellow. (American Takii) W

Datura 'Angels Trumpet' The exotic citrus fragrance of the 6" long white trumpet-shaped flowers will make this a must for gardeners looking for something "different." (Botanical Interests, Inc.) R

Delphinium 'Butterfly Mix' * The 'Butterfly' series is a rich and long flowering strain for use in beds, pots and patio containers. It has a neat and compact plant habit, 16-inch height, and can generally be grown as an annual. Available in Blue, Rose, Light Blue, White and a mixture. (Hem Zaden B.V.) W

Dichondra 'Silver Falls' * A cascade of silver! Loaded with tiny silver leaves on silver stems, it's an excellent accent plant for mixed containers and baskets. Great groundcover, too – each quick-growing plant can grow up to 6 feet! Very drought and heat tolerant. (PanAmerican Seed Co.) W

Gazania 'Tiger Mix' * Striking mix boasts large, creamy white blooms with stripes in sun-bright colors. Compact, short-stemmed sun lovers are drought tolerant and stay neat all season. Terrific garden vigor and super-easy care make 'Tiger Mix' ideal for summer beds, containers and baskets. (Ball Seed Co.) W

Geranium 'Florever™ Red' * Bred to be pollen-free, so they don't set seed, means continuous flowering long after other geraniums have gone to seed. This extended season color requires little or no maintenance. Well-branched, free flowering with strong stems, 'Florever' delivers excellent garden performance! (S&G Flowers) W

Geranium 'Speedy Mix' * An Ivy Geranium mixture of pastel lilac shades, fast growing and strongly branching. Its well-spreading plant habit makes 'Speedy' ideal for window boxes, tubs and hanging baskets. (Hem Zaden B.V.) W

Gerbera 'Festival Spider Yellow Orange Shades' Bold range of vibrant color, from deep orange to bright yellow tones present on feathery petals of each flower. The compact habit and unique bloom make this an outstanding novelty plant. (Daehnfeldt) W

Hollyhock 'Crème de Cassis' * Richly colored, heavily veined double and single blooms cover this 5-to 6-foot hollyhock in early to mid-summer! 2-to 4-inch blooms of deep black currant are edged in white in cool climates, or bright berry with a wide white margin in warmer areas. Zones 3-9. (Park Seed Company) R

Iberis 'Candycane Mix' * A new fast growing uniform series of Candytuft for large beds and edgings. The series shows very even flowering. Also available in 5 attractive and matching colors – Lilac, Purple, Red, Rose and White. (Kieft) W


Impatiens 'Cancun Mix' * 'Cancun Mix' is a combination of salmon, orange and red shades to create a hot mix that is eye-catching. This brings the total number of mixes in Tempos to eight. (Bodger) W

Impatiens 'Dazzler® Rose Swirl' * A brilliant bloomer. Hot rose picotee edge around a light pink center! Great garden vigor – plants size up fast in borders, beds, landscapes and containers. Compact and uniform with masses of bright, 1.5-inch flowers from spring until frost. (Ball Seed Co.) W

Isotoma 'Blue Star' * An abundance of star-like flowers that cover the neat cushion shaped plants. Flowering from spring to late autumn, a truly tough ornamental for bedding and patio. (Kieft) W

Larkspur 'American Flag' Bodger Seed first planted a 17-acre field of red, white, and blue larkspur in the shape of an American flag in 1942. Bodger recreated this tradition to honor heroes and victims of September 11th. We are offering a piece of this American tribute. (Botanical Interests, Inc.) R

Mimulus 'Magic White Blotch' Unsurpassed for its compact habit and early flowering, 'Magic White Blotch' is wonderfully striking with its abundance of 2-inch blooms. Short production time, flowering 6-7 weeks after sowing in long days. 'Magic' series includes 13 separate colors. (Floranova) W

Mimulus 'Twinkle Mix' * 'Twinkle' formula mix has masses of brightly colored flowers on compact 10-inch plants. It will flower within 6 to 8 weeks from sowing and is suitable for growing in beds, tubs, baskets and window boxes. (Hem Zaden B.V.) W

Pansy 'Flamenco Hybrid Mix' * A one-of-a-kind mix of double-flowered, long-blooming pansies in shades of violet, burgundy, rose, yellow and white. Developed in Italy, these compact 10- to 12-inch plants bloom well in spring and fall with fringed, 2.5- to 3-inch flowers. (Park Seed Company) R

Pansy F1 'Majestic Giants II Patricia' * The color of the upper petals is a purple rose and the lower petals are cream to yellow shades with a distinctive blotch. A vigorous bloomer with large flowers, a very unique color pattern and compact habit. (Sakata) W

Pansy F1 'Nature Formula Mix' * A 'mini' pansy, a multiflora pansy, free flowering like a viola yet larger flowered like a pansy. It has heat and cold tolerance, it's a landscaper's dream. Super traits include: earliness, compactness, vigorous habit and very floriferous. (American Takii) W

Petunia 'Aladdin Orange' * This is an entirely new color for petunias. 'Aladdin Orange' will be great in color bowls or in mass plantings in the garden. (Bodger) W

Petunia 'Avalanche Tropical Red' * Great habit, excellent for baskets. Looks great in mixed containers. Is more free flowering and looks great in the garden. 'Tropical Red' is a lighter shade of red than 'Avalanche Red.' (Bodger) W

Petunia 'Easy Wave™ White' * The long-awaited 'White' spreading petunia! Fast-growing plants stay full in the center. Bloom all season without cutting back. Takes hot, cold, rain…super-easy to grow! Great for beds, baskets, containers. Also new: Cherry, Shell Pink and Pink. (PanAmerican Seed Co.) W

Petunia F1 'Explorer Blue' * The iridescent deep blue flower petals have a shiny iridescent waxy texture which repels water. Tremendous flower power. Spreading habit can easily cover 3 feet in diameter. One of the earliest to flower in the spring. (Sakata) W

Petunia 'Frillytunia® Burgundy' Its rich and vibrant color is wonderfully accentuated by the fully ruffled flowers. This novelty item is beautiful in pots and containers making a real showpiece for the garden. Plants have all the characteristics expected of a modern petunia. (Floranova) W

Petunia F1 'Symphony Rose Star' * This multiflora petunia is extra compact. In the garden, free-flowering plants continue to maintain their compactness. Expect flowers in 60-70 days after sowing in spring. (American Takii) W

Petunia 'Tidal Wave™ Purple' * Loaded with vibrant, bright purple blooms! You decide how this "taller Wave" grows: space close for shrub like growth, farther apart for groundcover…each plant spreads up to 3 feet! Won't flop over in rain. Great in containers, too! A Simply Beautiful™ selection. (Ball Seed Co.) W




Bean, Green Bush 'Savannah' * Excellent eating quality and an attractive dark green color. Heavy yields are produced in 55 days on upright plants that offer a high pod placement for easy harvest. The attractive round beans are 5.5 to 6 inches in length, straight and smooth with slow seed development. (Harris Seed) R

Carrot F1 'Kinbi' Golden yellow. The beautiful and tasty yellow carrots are uniform, 6 to 7 inches long with heavy shoulders tapering to a well-filled blunt tip. The flavor is complex and carroty. Great cooked or cut into strips for a vegetable platter. Nice, strong tops. 75 days. (Johnny's Selected Seeds) R

Carrot 'King Midas' * Offers large size and rich carrot flavor. They grow steadily into smooth, nearly coreless 8- to 9-inch beauties. These dense carrots have the deep orange flesh that indicates an especially high level of health enhancing beta carotene. (Renee's Garden) R

Corn, Sweet F1 'Harris EXP 1001' * Beautifully refined and slightly tapered 8-inch ears are produced in 72 days on strong clean 6-foot plants. An attractive husk package offers ample cover and flagging for the 16 rows of very sweet and tender bicolor, sugary enhanced kernels. (Harris Seed) R


A logo indicates the variety is a 2003 AAS Award Winner. Award types: F=Flower, BP=Bedding Plant, V=Vegetable


 Agastache foeniculum 'Golden Jubilee' * (F) Symmetrical, branching plant with golden, aromatic leaves. Annual herb reaches 20 inches tall and spreads 10 to 15 inches. Dense lavender-blue flower spikes. Leaves release a mint fragrance when lightly crushed. (K. Sahin, Zaden B.V.) W

Carnation F1 'Can Can Scarlet' * (F) A most fragrant garden carnation with double, 2-inch bright scarlet blooms on contrasting grey-green foliage. Heat tolerant. Mature plants will reach 12 to 14 inches tall. (Sakata) W

Dianthus F1 'Corona Cherry Magic' * (BP) First dianthus with a capricious bicolor pattern. Flowers can be entirely cherry red, entirely lavender or a mosaic of both colors. Expect large, 2-inch blooms on plants 7 to 9 inches tall with a spread of 8 to 10 inches. (PanAmerican Seed Co.) W

Eustoma F1 'Forever White' * (BP) Large 2.5-inch ivory-white blooms cover the compact, 12-inch branching plant throughout the growing season. Heat and low moisture tolerance. Perfect for patio containers where blooms can be appreciated with close contact. (PanAmerican Seed Co.) W

Gaillardia pulchella 'Sundance Bicolor' * (BP) The first consistent mahogany red and yellow bicolor flower features double globe-shaped blooms on plants that spread 15 to 16 inches. Heat and drought tolerant full sun annual. (Hem Zaden B.V.) W

Ornamental Millet F1 'Purple Majesty' *
GOLD MEDAL Flower Award Winner

Distinctly different ornamental 3- to 5-foot tall purple-leaved millet has 8- to 12-inch flower spikes that can be cut and used dramatically in floral arrangements or left on the plant to feed the birds. (PanAmerican Seed Co.) W

Petunia F1 'Blue Wave' * (F) Velvety, dark blue 2-inch blooms cover this trailing plant capable of spreading 3 to 4 feet like a ground cover. Mature plant height can be 4 to 7 inches. No pinching or pruning is needed. (PanAmerican Seed Co.) W

Petunia F1 'Merlin Blue Morn' * (F) A distinctly different blue and white petunia, the 2.5-inch blooms are white in the center with a soft transition to velvety blue on the petal edge. The 15- to 30-inch tall branching plants will spread 18 to 30 inches. (Sakata) W

Rudbeckia hirta 'Prairie Sun' * (F) Very large (5") distinctive flowers with light yellow tips on golden petals that encircle a green center. The branching 28- to 32-inch plants have long stems ideal for cut flowers. Easy to grow and maintain. (Benary) W

Salvia 'Blue Angel' * Exceptional ultramarine color and robust habit (24 inches) to give that extra something garden. Perfect for summer long color in flowerbeds, larger pots, patio planters or as a delicate splash of color in a perennial bed. (Benary) W

Snapdragon 'Coronette Mix' * Very thick, strong stems create a sturdy plant (20-24 inches tall) in the garden, able to withstand wind and rain. The stout stems don't require staking. Densely branched, the dark green foliage offsets the vivid flowers, for high impact color. (S&G Flowers) W

Sunflower F1 'Pollen-free Mix' * A new collection of beautiful bicolor sunflowers offering the home gardener exciting colors and combinations. These pollen-free sunflowers are excellent for landscaping as well as cut flower use over an extended season. (K. Sahin, Zaden B.V.) W

Sweet Pea 'Blue Celeste' * The alluring pale blossoms of this ruffled beauty are perfumed and abundant. Entrancing as a cut flower with the luminous color of Renee's favorite spring iris. These British-bred specialty sweet peas are also strong performers in the garden. (Renee's Garden) R

Trachelium 'Passion in White' * 'Passion' presents bloom in an umbel of up to 5 inches on compact and branching plants. Also new to the series are 'Passion in Deep Purple' and 'Passion in Lilac.' (Daehnfeldt) W

Vinca 'Jaio Dark Red' * (BP) A really red vinca with a small white center sets this vinca apart from all others. Large 2.5-inch blooms cover the glossy green foliaged 15-inch tall basal branching plants that can spread up to 20 inches. (Murakami Seed) W

Vinca 'SunStorm Mix' * Early to flower, compact, super well branched, and extremely free-flowering. That means fuller plants covered with color in the garden. The deep green foliage highlights large, rounded, richly-colored blooms. Rated a top performer in independent trials. (S&G Flowers) W

Vinca 'Victory Bright Eye' * Large flowers are pure white with a bright red center. Excellent basal branching. Does well in containers and in the garden. Vinca 'Victory' is available in 11 colors. (Sakata) W

Viola 'Angel Red Flame' This red-hot flower color is striking in any aspect of the garden. Adds to the versatile 'Angel' series that contains the unique 'Tiger Eye.' Compact habit with extreme cold tolerance. (Floranova) W

Viola F1 'Antique Blue Wing' * One of an exciting new series of small violas. They are low growing, forming a spreading mass of flowers. Ten separate colors in the series give excellent opportunities for carpet bedding and pots. (K. Sahin, Zaden B.V.) W

Viola 'Sorbet Orange Duet' * Vigorous little charmers make a big impact, spring and fall! Each showy, mounded plant boasts blooms in a unique combo of purple cap and orange face. Non-stop cool-season performers create spectacular baskets, planters and gardens. Excellent over wintering. (PanAmerican Seed Co.) W

Zinnia 'Zinnita Formula Mix' * At 6-8 inches, 'Zinnita' is ideally suited for annual borders and mixed containers. The abundance of 1.5- to 2-inch fully double flowers will brighten any sunny location. Colors: Yellow, Orange, Rose, Scarlet, White and mixture. (Benary) W




Cucumber 'Poinsett 97' * This new slicing cucumber is sure to be a hit with home gardeners. Exceptionally disease resistant, great tasting, and very attractive cucumbers get 9 to 11 inches long. Resistant to A, ALB, ALS, CMV, DM, PM, S, ZYMV! 55 days. (Territorial Seed Company) R

Cucumber 'Spring Swallow' * Thrives in heat and humidity! 6-foot vines produce a bounty of 7- to 10-inch dark green fruits with a sweet flavor. Pick young as a petite or grow to full size for slicing. Resists WV, CMV and tolerates Mildew. (Park Seed Company) R

Cucumber F1 'Sweeter Yet' * Sets standard for good taste in salad cucumbers. Dark green fruits are totally non-bitter, "burp-free," very mild sweet flavor. Best harvested when 10 to 12 inches long. Maturity is just 48 days. Vigorous plants are loaded with strong disease resistance. (Seminis) W

Eggplant F1 'Orient Express' * Outstanding early productivity. Attractive, slender 8- to 10-inch glossy black fruits in the long Asian style. Potential harvest 2 weeks before other early varieties, features ability to set fruit in cool weather as well as under heat stress. Tender, delicate flavor. (Johnny's Selected Seeds) R

Lettuce 'Renee's Caesar Duo' * A pairing of Renee's favorite Romaine lettuces, choosing the most delicious and crispy red and green leafed varieties. Pick them at baby size or let them grow into dense juicy heads for a fabulous season of fresh gourmet Caesar salads. (Renee's Garden) R

Melon F1 'Angel' * (V) Sweet flavored 2- to 3-pound melons have a white interior with a crisp texture. The lightly netted skin turns creamy yellow when mature, about 60 days from planting. Vines spread 6 to 7 feet. Resistant to fusarium wilt races 0 and 2. (Known-You) W

Micro Greens 'Spicy' and 'Mild' Micro Greens are the newest craze! These blends are different from lettuce mixes in that they include such greens as beet, radish and other unique flavored and textured varieties. Micro Greens are used like sprouts or as an addition to salads or as a garnish. (Botanical Interests, Inc.) R

Onion 'Red Long of Tropea' * 90 days. Tall, elongated, red bulbs. Traditionally grown in the Mediterranean for harvest just at maturity in mid-late summer. Not for storage. Nice specialty variety. (Johnny's Selected Seeds) R

Pepper 'Autopick Pepper PVP' 65-75 days from transplant. This labor saving salsa pepper is the result of over 10 years of breeding effort. As you pick the 6-9cm hot red peppers, the stems remain on the plant not on the fruit, meaning that coring is eliminated. (Territorial Seed Company) R

Squash, Summer F1 'Papaya Pear' * (V) The first summer squash with a shape like a light bulb. Harvest the bright yellow squash about 40 days from sowing seed, when fruit is about 3 inches long and 2 to 3 inches wide. The semi-bush plant requires less garden space. (Seminis) W

Squash, Winter 'Windsor Cup' * Compact bush plants are a home garden space-saver, yielding 2- to 4-pound fruit that resemble buttercup squash. Very high quality yellow-orange flesh that is dry and smooth. Matures in 100 days from seeding and stores well for wintertime use. (Harris Seed) R

Tomato F1 'Floralina' * One of the best yielding new varieties to come along in years. Fruits are picture-perfect, large, beautiful, smooth, weigh about half pound each and present very small blossom scar. Widely adapted with good disease resistance. Maturity 72 days from transplant. (Seminis) W

Tomato F1 'Window-Box Roma' * Bred especially for growing in pots and planters on decks and patios. Short growing plants have unusual, attractive dark green blistered foliage, and freely set a large crop of meaty pear shaped fruits. Excellent flavor and a delight to grow. (Seminis) W


Disease Resistance Codes

A           Anthracnose
ALB       Alternaria
ALS       Angular Leaf Spot
CMV      Cucumber Mosaic Virus
DM        Downey Mildew
PM        Powdery Mildew
S           Scab
WV        Watermelon Virus
ZYMV    Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus