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Throughout my many years of doing this web site, there are a few do or die things that I try to stress over and over again to make sure that you never forget to do them.  Things like keeping a tidy garden by removing diseased or insect ridden branches or leaves; starting a garden journal; using the right tool for the right job.  One of the other things I preach is to make sure that your tolls, be it pruners, knives or even shovels and hoes have a good, sharp edge to them.  A tool that is properly maintained, kept clean and sharp, will last you a lifetime.  In the past I have told you to grab a metal file to sharpen tools such as shovels, spade, axes, etc.  The only problem is when done improperly, a file-sharpened tool can be just as hard to use as a dull one.  Well, I've found a great tool to add to your tool box, as well as a great place to get them.

The Super Sharpener Company

Super Sharpener offers unique sharpening tools that you need to have to keep your tools in top condition.  The picture above shows the small sharpener for hoes, knives, and other thinner gauge metals.  Below is the large sharpener for things such as  axes, shovels and spades.  These two tools give you the perfect edge your tools need.  I especially like the larger sharpener for its ease of use.  A few simple pulls along the edge of your shovel will keep it in good working order.

What I find impressive with these items is that your fingers and hands are protected as you sharpen your tools.  I have been cut more times than I would like to admit sharpening my tools, and these items kept all of my digits in good working order.  An excellent tool to keep your tools in good working order.

If you are looking for a great stocking stuffer for your gardening friend or loved one, this is what you are looking for.  Prices for the sharpeners are very reasonable, and you can simply go to their website and order directly.  The website also has a few other handy items that you find you will need.  Give them a try.  Dave




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